5 Tips to Help Your Puppy Sleep through the Night

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puppy sleeping n woman's arms

Getting a new puppy is an incredibly exciting time and it can be compared to having a baby (a human baby), just to clarify. Puppies need to learn about the environment around them and become accustomed to the world, the same way that babies and children do. As a dog owner, you’ll need to teach your puppy where they can go to the toilet, which commands to obey and sleeping should be done at night. 

Training a puppy to sleep through the night can be a challenging time for dog owners because you’re faced with a little lack of sleep and a whole lot of cuteness overload. 

We’ve put together 5 tips to help your puppy sleep through the night and with any luck it will help you get more sleep too. 


Avoid Midnight Munchies

Ensure that you give your puppy their last meal around three hours before they’re going to sleep. This ensures that they’re able to digest the food and also have ample time to go to the toilet. 

Maintaining your puppy’s health by giving them plenty of water is essential; make sure you give your puppy their water around two hours prior to bedtime. That way, your puppy won’t be inclined to drink closer to bedtime and need to use the toilet during the middle of the night. 

Toilet before sleep time

Allow your puppy to go to the toilet prior to bedtime to minimize any interruptions during their sleep. By taking your pup out to the toilet, you’re teaching them that they have a final opportunity to do what they gotta do until the morning. 

It’s essential that you get into the routine of taking your puppy outside prior to bedtime, even if the puppy doesn’t need to go. This helps your pup to relate the time of day with their last time to go to the toilet before it’s time to sleep. 


Tire Your Puppy Out 

Puppies are usually full of energy and if your puppy breed has a lively energetic temperament, then the likelihood is that your puppy wants to play all the time. Without tiring your puppy out, it’s going to be difficult to get them to settle down at night to sleep. 

In the hour or two leading up to bedtime for your puppy, it’s important to let them work off their energy by playing games or walking. Gradually calm your puppy down by slowing down the pace of the games and playing. As bedtime gets closer, your puppy won’t be able to resist feeling exhausted. 


Create a Happy Sleep Space 

Who doesn’t love their bed? The should be applied to your puppy’s sleeping space. There should be happy and positive associations for your little pup when they think about their sleeping space. Provide your puppy with a comforter that smells of you and let them take it to bed. 

It’s essential that you don’t use your puppy’s bed as a form of punishment and you never send them to bed if they’re not abiding by your rules. This will lead to the puppy associating the bed as a form of punishment and getting them to sleep at night can become troublesome. 


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