Getting Your Puppy on A Daily Schedule

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dog with a daily schedule

A puppy training schedule and puppy feeding schedule can both be extremely helpful in reinforcing positive behaviors and teaching your puppy how things work inside your individual house. Getting a puppy schedule in place sooner rather than later will make things easier for you and will help training your dog much more effectively.

Starting in The Morning

A morning walk is an excellent opportunity to wake the dog up and to give them an opportunity to eliminate and use the bathroom outside. This is a great opportunity to spend around ten minutes of quality time just noticing and enjoying your dog. Interactive games like fetch are also great first thing in the morning when the puppy is transitioning out of the sleep state.

Feeding Schedule for Your Puppy

After you have completed the morning walk, it is time to eat and make sure that you change the water bowls so that it is full and fresh. If you offer your dog food more than once per day, offering it after the walk is strongly recommended. Dogs who eat before the walk might get sick due to too much activity.

After you have fed your puppy, from 9:00am to 12:00pm is the perfect time to allow the dog to follow you around as you do your housework if you are at home and the dog has good behavior. Otherwise this is a perfect opportunity for a nap time.

The Afternoons

Most dogs enjoy some interaction again in the afternoon, with the opportunity to play, exercise or go outside. A one-hour period of giving your dog some attention can help them feel better about going back down for nap time again.

Training Your Puppy on A Schedule

A puppy schedule requires you to be vigilant and consistent with how you introduce concepts and reinforce what time of day it is. Following the same schedule every day makes it that much easier for the dog to listen to your commands and understand what happens next.


The next step in your puppy schedule is to give them further attention at the end of the day. Dinner, drinks, and play time is perfect, whether you are just coming home from work or finishing up the dog’s afternoon nap. Change the water and offer dinner, monitoring your dog’s appetite. This is an opportunity for more extensive and longer play time than the morning. Some of the pent-up energy that has built up over the day should be dealt with at this point in time through play.


Puppy Schedule FAQ

How much attention do puppies need a day?

Many puppies need to sleep consistently throughout the day but checking on them at least three times and giving them the opportunity to go outside helps to reinforce good habits.


How far can a 3-month old puppy walk?

A 3-month old puppy will likely enjoy short bursts of energy and shorter walks. A 10 to 15-minute walk should be more than enough.


What age do you pick up a puppy?

AKC regulations typically recommend picking up a puppy when they are between 10 to 12 weeks old and when they have had the opportunity to get most of their shots and do some early development.   

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