CBD Oil: Is it Legal?

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What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant (sometimes referred to as the marijuana plant). The CBD extract taken from the plant is combined with a carrier oil to make a solution of CBD oil. Common carrier oils used are coconut oil or hemp seed oil.


In the US, more than half of the states have legalized marijuana for medical-related purposes. The remaining states have passed specific laws allowing the use of CBD oil. The law is based on the oil containing minimal THC. THC is another chemical compound found in the plant, and it’s responsible for the mind-altering effects most people are familiar with.

CBD oil is legal, subject to the THC levels being less than 0.3% in the oil.


Like any conventional medication, it is always best to consult your healthcare provider before trying any new products. Only proceed once you are sure that it is safe for you to do so.

This is especially important if you are taking any other medication, or if you have a pre-existing condition.

While studies are continually taking place, in general people tend to respond well to using CBD oil. Some side effects like a runny stomach or light-headedness have been reported.

As long as the THC content is non-existent or less than 0.3%, adverse effects of CBD oil should be minimal.


Various products have been used on both children and adults alike. From treating stress and anxiety to arthritis, the benefits of CBD oil continue to be tested.

In addition, companies like ours have a range of products for dogs. Calming treats and treats to deal with joint pain will leave your furry pets relaxed and pain-free.


CBD oil is available in various forms. Chewable CBD gummies contain more pleasant flavors, while tinctures can be put under the tongue. Multiple products are available in a cream so that you can apply them topically to your skin.

While there is no official recommended daily intake for CBD oil published, the dosages vary from person to person. Factors such as your weight, health condition, and the strength of the CBD oil need to be considered.


Many outlets and stores are selling CBD products. There are also plenty of places to buy CBD oil online. Ensure you are purchasing a pure form of CBD oil and be sure to check the THC content each time.

What Conditions Has CBD Had Success Treating?

As is the case with both traditional and alternative medications, treatment results can vary from person to person.

CBD naturally contains pain relief properties. In many cases, people using CBD products for chronic pain report excellent results.

CBD oil has also shown positive results when taken for stress, anxiety, and depression. Traditionally, conventional medication is used for treating cases of severe anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, in some cases, people experience significant side effects like drowsiness and sexual dysfunction.

The up-side of a more natural treatment approach is that side effects are kept to a minimum or non-existent. For this reason, among others, this alternative approach to regular medicine is growing rapidly.

Can CBD Oil Be Used to Treat Cancer Patients?

CBD is continuously being used to treat cancer patients, but the studies are not conclusive. Individual patients have displayed reduced symptoms after using this alternative approach. CBD has been known to reduce the after-effects of chemotherapy.

After regular chemotherapy, some patients have experienced less nausea and vomiting after using CBD.


In the purest form of CBD oil, minimum or no THC is present. CBD on its own, does not deliver a high. CBD is not addictive in any way, and by using these products, you are not likely to become dependent on them.

Furthermore, no withdrawal symptoms occur when the usage of the products is stopped.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some studies have proven quite the opposite. Studies recently have reported that CBD contains anti-addictive properties. Because of these properties, CBD has been used to treat drug addicts and assisted in weaning addicts off of more addictive drugs.

Addicts that struggle with cocaine, heroin, and even alcohol, have successfully kicked the habit by using CBD.


While CBD oil has proven safe to use in most cases, there is a chance adverse reactions may occur in some people.

Side effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, and possible changes in appetite have been experienced. It is essential to mention, once again, that mixing medication can have severe effects. You must check with your doctor first to ensure that there are no harmful interactions while using several medicines at once.

Is There A Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil?

Often, CBD oil is labeled as hemp oil. The hemp oil may contain CBD, but always check first. Hemp seed oil is also available, but some products do not contain CBD at all. Read the label and check with the store assistant before making a purchase.


Research surrounding the potential health benefits of CBD oil continues to produce new findings. There is much to learn still, and more positive results are expected to be discovered in the future.

Various belief systems may or may not allow for the use of alternative healing products, while some may insist on it. Many factors need to be considered before choosing to try new options. Take the time to educate yourself as much as possible. There are many sites, studies, and reviews available on both the pros and cons of using CBD oil.

As is the case with most products across a broad spectrum, compare the benefits of using products against the harmful effects you may experience.

Make sure you are buying from a reputable company or source. Many brands claim to sell an authentic product, but make sure that you confirm this before-hand.

Reputable companies selling CBD oil products will also openly share their lab testing results. This offers you complete peace of mind and confirms what you are potentially are going to be ingesting is tried and tested.


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