Joint Pain CBD Dog Treats


  • CBD Isolate…..5mg
  • Glucosamine…..350mg
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)….150mg
  • Turmeric…….50mg

The rise of cannabis and hemp products are becoming increasingly popular because of their many health benefits for humans and dogs treats. Cannabidiol or CBD as it’s commonly known as is one of the many cannabinoids that comprise the cannabis and hemp plant. CBD produces no psychoactive effect on the user, meaning that you can’t get high from taking it. 

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, ensuring that there’s very little to no THC content in CBD products. For humans, there are numerous ways that CBD can be administered into the body such as smoking, vaping, sublingually ingesting, eating as an edible or applying topically. However, organic CBD oil for dogs should be administered through the mouth with drops or in your pet’s food. 

If you’re struggling to drip CBD into your dog’s mouth with a tincture, there’s a handy alternative and it’s absolutely delicious for your dog. CBD dog treats are a great way to administer CBD into your dog’s body, providing them with the essential benefits of CBD. By increasing your dog’s wellness routine with CBD, you can keep your dog  feeling calm and relaxed around people. 


Buy CBD Dog Treats for Joint Pain

At My Cherry Puppy, we sell organic CBD oil for dogs, derived from natural hemp plants and extracted using the safest and cleanest methods possible. To make the best CBD oil for dogs our products are rigorously lab-tested for purity, ensuring that they’re the safest and healthiest option to alleviate your dog’s symptoms. 

Our bacon-flavored dog chews are simply scrumptious for your dog, they won’t be able to resist the treats and you’ll have peace of mind by helping their health. Each dog chew contains CBD isolate, Glucosamine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane and Turmeric. The specially crafted formula can reduce joint inflammation and dramatically reduce the pain that your dog is suffering from. 

Take a look  at our dog treats for joint pain and help your dog live a happier, healthier life with the help of CBD. 


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