Why Is My Dog Chewing Everything?

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dog chewing on bone

Dog chewing can be a serious problem, especially if your property is being destroyed. When looking up ways for how to stop a dog from chewing, you need to understand the chewing behavior itself and effective methods for how to stop a dog from chewing everything. Dog chewing can be curbed as a behavior, but you must be proactive and consistent with how you address this issue.

What Are the Root Causes of Dog Chewing?

It is very normal for dogs and puppies to chew on different objects as they explore the world. Chewing helps to relieve pain from in-coming teeth for younger puppies and is a great way to keep teeth clean and jaws strong for older dogs. Chewing also helps to address boredom and can also relieve frustration or mild anxiety.

How to Stop A Dog from Chewing Everything?

Rule out problems that could be contributing to dog chewing behavior. Destructive puppy chewing could be associated with having been weaned too early, separation anxiety, hunger or puppy teething. Chewing is a very normal behavior for dogs of all sizes and ages and hours spent chewing bones is not necessarily a bad activity. Sometimes dog chewing behavior, however, gets directed towards inappropriate items. Having many different appropriate and attractive chew toys to choose from helps the dog focus on positive chewing. To stop a dog from chewing everything, make sure they have plenty to choose from and reinforce the items that you do not want them to chew on by making them difficult to reach.

What Should You Not Do to Try and Stop Your Dog from Chewing?

Removing all potential chewing toys from the dog’s vicinity in an effort to try to break-up their chewing altogether is not recommended. Inedible chew bones and numerous different toys are helpful for keeping the dog excited. It is best to introduce or switch out your dog’s chew toys every other date so that he or she does not get bored. Do not give cooked bones or left-over bones since these could critically injure your dog.

Can CBD Help with Stopping A Dog from Inappropriate Chewing?

Many different pet owners have found that providing claiming CBD pet products have helped with dog chewing behavior and inappropriate chewing. CBD products can help to relieve frustration and anxiety for dogs.

Where Can I Find Pet Friendly CBD Products?

Make sure that you do careful research to determine whether the company you are purchasing from provides pet-friendly CBD products. Our products are made specifically to help with puppies and dogs and can be helpful for addressing dog chewing behavior.


Why is My Dog Chewing FAQ

At what age do dogs stop chewing?

Most dogs will continue chewing from puppyhood all the way until their adult ages.


What repels dogs from chewing?

Most dogs are put off by the combination of vinegar and oranges. This will deter your dog from chewing on furniture as well as marking wherever you spray that.


Will hot sauce stop a dog from chewing?

Be careful that any actions that you are using to try to stop chewing could potentially be dangerous. Even with a hot sauce like tabasco, the dog might chew on it anyways and it could harm their digestive system.      


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